How do You Play the Charango

Charango is a South American instrument. It is stringed instrument, which is small in size, but creates higher sound tones. You have to understand the basic of the instrument before playing it. The instrument is made of wood. It is as popular in Central America and other parts as it is in South America. It is more popular and an essential instrument in the South American folk music. It has been played in the region since centuries and is incorporated in modern compositions as well.


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    Charango is a ten-string music instrument. The strings are organized from the top of the instrument in a G, C, E, and E tune settings. Knowing how the instrument works is essential to play different tunes on the strings in an organized manner. Although it appears to be a guitar-like instrument, the number of strings is greater and they are played differently to the guitar.

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    Arranging Fingers

    Hold the instrument with your left hand from its neck area firmly, either in a seated or standing position, form chord of your fingers. The system works just like the music instrument ukulele. However, to start with you can ignore the top E string for the time being, as it will make the playing instrument more complicated for you.

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    Forming Chord

    You can use the system of guitar, on its four strings, to form chord on it. However, you use the chord of your fingers on third, fourth and sixth string of the Charango. There is only difference in organization of the fingers, although if you know how to play the guitar, you can manage to learn playing charango quickly.

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    Plucking of Strings

    Pluck the strings with one hand and form chord with the other. This will create sweet gentle harp like sound. However, this is very basic of the playing Charango, and as you learn more about it, you can grow in knowledge and can play different tunes on the instrument on them. The key is practice to effectively playing these instruments and if you practice on a regular basis you can quickly master the art of playing Charango successfully.

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