How to Perform Follow the Leader Card Trick

Follow the leader is one of the hardest trick played and for this reason it requires some expertise. Basically the performer creates an illusion for the spectator using three double sided or gimmick cards that appear ace from one side and have a different face on the other. While playing the trick, the performer has to be real quick so that the spectator is not able to notice the gimmickry in cards. The good thing about this trick is that instead of the whole deck, it only requires 12 cards which include the three gimmicks. In order to create the required illusion it is advised that you should practice the trick a few times before performing.


  • 1

    First of all make setup for the trick by arranging 12 cards in such a way that you have 3 aces right at the bottom of the other 9 cards.

  • 2

    Deal one real and 3 gimmick aces on table such that you have the leader of Aces at the top while the others are placed side by side to each other below their leader. Put rest of the deck aside as it will not be require any more.

  • 3

    After that start dealing the 12 cards in hand on the table, such that you end up placing 3 cards on each of the already placed four cards.

  • 4

    While you will be dealing the cards on table, the three genuine aces that were at the bottom will now be on the top of the leader or the Ace of Spades.

  • 5

    Now pick up each of the four piles and to show the spectator that should contain the other three aces. Since the aces in those piles were gimmicks so when you will pick them up, shake a little and flip over, the spectator will feel that the ace has disappeared.

  • 6

    Finally you would want to know that where the disappeared aces have gone? Hence, when you will pick up the four cards placed over ace of spades, they will be the aces that followed their leader.