How Hard Is It to Climb Mount Kenya

12,549 feet (3,825 meters) high, Mount Kenya is the highest mountain in the country, 2nd highest in Africa and 32nd in the world when it comes to the most prominent mountains. Mount Kenya is also a part of the Second Seven Summits, which include the second highest mountains of each continent. It is located 150 kilometers northeast of the capital of Kenya, Nairobi.

The mountain is a stratovolcano that eroded about three million years ago. Interestingly, Mount Kenya is an equatorial mountain and days and nights are of the same time length. Apart from being so high, the mountain possesses a number of high peaks, which can be extremely difficult to climb, even for expert mountaineers.


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    Climbing up the rocks

    Africa’s highest peak is Kilimanjaro, but it is easier to climb as compared to Mount Kenya. Mount Kenya has several rocky patches, requiring you to climb up using special equipment. On the other side of the coin, if you have enough energy and stamina, you can easily climb up Kilimanjaro. This is primarily the reason why not many mountaineers are able to reach the summit of Mount Kenya.

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    Equatorial season

    If you are looking to make an effort to climb Mount Kenya, you must take into account the equatorial season and also the position of the sun. The best time to climb the mountain is from July to September, when the sun is in the north. In this season, climbing through the rocks would also be a lot easier.

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    Easiest route

    The 20-pitch North Face Standard Route (IV+ East African grade) or (V 5.8+) is the most commonly used route to the Batian and remains the easiest way to climb Mount Kenya. The route is most convenient from June to October each year.

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    Temperature at the highest mountain of the country remains extremely cold throughout the year. With the thermometer at -10 degrees early in the morning, it can be increasingly difficult for anyone to come out of the sleeping bag and start the journey once again. It demands a lot of dedication and mental strength to cope with such trying conditions.

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    Fitness level

    If you are keen to climb up Mount Kenya, you have to be at the peak of your fitness. In your preparation, you must work hard to enhance your stamina so that you do not run out of breath while mountaineering.

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