How Not To Mess Up As a Salesperson

Selling something to a customer might be one of the most difficult jobs. Every salesperson has a specific thought process, personality, like and dislikes, but when he or she is out there in the field, the first and the foremost step is to kill your own personality and market the product or service to the customers, which themselves come from varying backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities. Out there, a salesperson cannot cater for what is important to him or her, and comfort; rather it is all about smart evaluation of the customers and their needs. If there isn’t any need, as a salesperson you should be able to create the need by being knowledgeable and thorough.

That said, there are some pitches which you should never make as a salesperson. In fact, you should consider them as cardinal sins. In this article, we will shed some light on such traits.


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    Don’t Give More Information Than the Customer Needs

    Never commit the folly of extensively bragging about the product/service. Think rationally; a customer comes to you because he and she has some need and you product can fulfil that. This means that he already know this much and you should spare him a lecture on it. What you should focus on instead are the special features which only a few people know. That will create a very good impression.

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    Don’t Challenge Your Customers

    Customers are attracted to you because they need a solution. When they come to you, they will pinpoint it and will ask for the product. Your focus should only be on that problem. Do not, under any circumstances, make them realize that they haven’t figured out the problem correctly and they will also need additional products/services. This habit annoys most of the customers. Generate the sale when it is happening. Don’t mess it up by confusing the customer.

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    Don’t Share Your Personal Opinion about the Product/Service

    Customers don’t care what you feel about your company. They are well informed about the choices available and just want the solution and get done. Don’t waste their time, by telling them how you feel about the product or the company which has made it.

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    Make a Pitch Void of Desperation

    In case you want to lure people towards your product or service, open up about the crisp advantages and different scenario where help can be had. While doing so though, don’t give a hint that you are desperate.

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