How to Access Metro Apps from Windows Explorer in Windows 8

There are few ways with the help of which you can access all Metro apps, but if you are looking for a convenient yet reliable method then this guide is certainly what you are looking for.

The Metro Start Screen of Windows 8 makes it really simple to access Metro apps from the screen, however that is not the only way, you can also acquire admittance through Windows Explorer. Yes there is a trouble free and easy way which will allow you to access Metro apps from Windows explorer in Windows 8

Follow the step by step guide rearranged below and see how you can launch your favourite app.


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    First you will have to create a short cut, for that on your desktop right click and select New from the popup menu. From the sub menu, click on the Shortcut option. This is relatively easy to do as it is almost the same method that was used in previous versions of Microsoft Windows.

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    Next you will be asked about the location of the item, for which type the address mentioned below:

    %windir%\explorer.exe shell:::{4234d49b-0245-4df3-b780-3893943456e1}

    Be sure to carefully put in all the characters without making any mistakes.

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    Give an appropriate name to the shortcut folder that you have created. Be sure to use a name that makes sense and that you can easily remember.

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    In the end click the finish button. This will complete the shortcut creation process.

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    When you open your folder which was created earlier, you will notice that all Metro apps are present in that folder. This will help you in selecting an app that you are looking for easily without any hassle. This is a great feature of Windows 8 as the folder is automatically populated with what you are looking for.

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    Just drag your cursor towards the desired app and double click it, in order to launch it. This is relatively easy and you will be familiar this step as it resembles previous versions of Windows.

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    If you have any issues then you can always ask someone that has more experience with using Windows 8. You can also go online to find other methods that might suit you or are a little easier for you  to understand and follow. You will find a whole host of excellent forums with various discussions on Windows 8. Look for different hints and tips to help you streamline your working experience on Windows 8.

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