How to Get a Fully Functional Recycle Bin in Windows 8 Taskbar

The developers of Microsoft Windows try their level best to provide convenience and ease to users, so that their operating system can help them in resolving issues instead of creating more. The feature of adding recycle bin in the task bar and making your bar fully functional is not a big deal any more. By following few simple steps you will be able to enjoy working on the latest windows 8 operating system.

While multi-tasking you have several windows open on your screen and sometimes just to reach the recycle bin you have to minimize all of them and close few. But not anymore because the guide rearranged below will help you in getting a fully functional recycle bin in the taskbar on Windows 8


  • 1

    First you will have to right click on the task bar, and a menu will pop up on your screen.

  • 2

    Form the viewed list of options drag your cursor towards the Toolbars and click on the New Tool bar from the sub list.

  • 3

    Click on the navigation bar when you are asked to select the folder. Then you will have to paste %appdata%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch.

  • 4

    After entering in to the folder you can easily click the Select Folder button.

  • 5

    On your screen the tool bar can be viewed on the right side. If dotted lines are seen on the tool bar then it means your tool bar needs to be unlocked. Click on the toolbar and drag it towards the left side.

  • 6

    Between the dotted lines a text will appear, in order to remove that particular text right click on the dotted lines. A popup menu will be viewed on your screen, from the menu uncheck Show Text along with Show Title.

  • 7

    In order to make the icons on the toolbar bigger, right click on the tool bar and drag your cursor towards the View option. From the sub list check large icons option.

  • 8

    On your desktop a recycle bin is available. With the help of your mouse drag the Recycling Bin and release it on the tool bar.

  • 9

    In the end you can easily delete the other options from the toolbar and then lock your task bar.

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