How to Accommodate Employees with Religious Convictions

Accommodating employees with religious convictions is very important in today’s multicultural workforce. People from all walks of life and faiths are working in similar industries. Though it is not a big issue, but still you need to manage this type of multicultural staff. According to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, all the employers must make efforts to show reasonable respect to employees with different faiths. It is very important that with the accordance of law and even as a human being, you need to respect everyone with a different religious belief.


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    Making reasonable scheduling for employees

    Making reasonable scheduling plans for employees is a good thing if you have employees with diverse religions. This is very important that if your employees need different work schedule for observing their religion. You can offer them different schedules, split shifts and also flexible working hours on a daily, monthly or yearly basis.

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    Discuss reasonable employee requests

    Discuss with employees regarding reasonable employee requests with detail. Have positive discussions with them and ask all sorts of questions about their potential demands regarding flexible work hours and shifts.

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    Be creative

    Be creative to give alternatives to your employees. You should also create positive solution for your employees who have different religions. You can also give them different type of facilities to perform their religious duties. Be sure to keep a balanced approach so that you do not look like you favour one faith over another.

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    Giving your employees freedom

    You should also give freedom to your employees and allow them if they want to display any religious symbol on their desk or in the room.

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    Do not discourage

    Never discourage your employees if they have religious aspirations as it is their personal matter. They will also not like any kind of interference on your part as it might seem offensive or negative to them.

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