How to Act Friendly

Many people try to be friendly with others. Some are natural at being friendly with peers or unknown while many try to struggle hard and some fail. It is of utmost importance that one should be as friendly with others as possible as it not only reflects your personality but also improves your relationship with a particular person.

Some people often complaint that they continuously struggle to be frank with others but did not succeed in their attempt no matter how hard they try. Of course the problem here does not lie with your hard work but the method you opt to increase your frankness with others.

Smiling to someone is surely a good way of being frank but one need to be careful with that as over-smiling or rudeness in your smile depicts a negative impact and people often feel offended with that.

However, whatever the case may be one should never lose his/her heart and keep trying all possible ways to act friendly. Keeping in mind that hard work prevails, one should not give up as a time will come when he/she will reap the fruit in the form of a positive response.


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    The key to act friendly is keep smiling as a grim  look on your face will send a negative message to the other person and they will try to get away from you. In contrast, a smile on your face will make the person (you aim to interact with) feel easy and comfortable.

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    You should remember that your heart should be clean from the inside. Thinking of something bad and trying to behave good with people will only make things worse. To be friendly, you have to be polite from the inside as this will ultimately give you the natural touch. You should try to accept the person for how he/she is rather than denouncing him/her in your mind.

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    Instead of telling what is in your mind, you should also allow others to share their thoughts and ideas. Here, your task is to not only listen but pay full attention to what he/she is saying as this portrays a very positive gesture.

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    With your great interest, you should not keep your thoughts to yourself and share them as this makes the other person comfortable.

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    For a fluent two-way communication, you should try to increase the use of words that are easily understandable by the other person.

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