How to Figure Whether You Are Living With Purpose

Do you live a complete, purposeful and meaningful life?

Ask this question to 100 people and it will be a surprise if they say yes or even no. They will be somewhere in between.

This is because we as professionals, and as humans to be more generic, rarely think of the direction in which our life is going. It is not because that we are incapable of doing so; the primary reason is that we are so engrossed with our daily routine that we rarely find time to indulge in self realization and actualization.

But, even if we do have time, how can we know whether we are living or working with a purpose. That is exactly where this article will guide you.


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    Explore Your Sentiments

    Different people have different neurological wiring when it comes to express their happiness. The more boisterous ones will jump and laugh will the serious people tend to let it all reflect in a smile. Yet, all of them can feel and sense this wonderful sentiment of joy, which can either arise when you hear something good or do something worthwhile. Here, we are interested in the second part. From a living perspective, if your happy moments in a day are more than the gloomy one, then there is definitely some purpose(s), which you are fulfilling in your life.  From a professional perspective, if you feel happiness and excitement while doing your job or business, and you feel accomplished, rest assured that your professional life is going in the right direction.

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    Read the Trends

    Another way to gauge your purpose is to answer two simple questions.

    Are there some activities for which every second person comes to you?

    What is the thing which you never get tired of?

    If there is a connection between the answer to these two questions, you are already on track – your perception and that of other about you is the same.

    However, if you see a disparity in both, figure out what gives you more pleasure and if you are doing some things just out of curiosity. If latter is the prevailing situation, you definitely like to keep people happy and can tick mark that as your characteristic. Similarly, you can sort out other things about yourself as well by careful analysis.

    There can be a chance that you don’t derive satisfaction by helping other, rather what you love is to fulfill your commitments. The possibilities are endless and vary from one person to another.

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