How to Add a Search Box to the Drop Down Tab List in Firefox

We open hundreds of tabs during a day and the list of all tabs menu extension is a perfect tool to sort and manage those tabs that we opened. However, did it happen to you that you open hundreds of tabs using the “Tab List Menu” and later on find it a hectic job to sort the tab list? If you are using Firefox as a web browser, then do not take that into your nerves as it is a matter of few easy clicks. Add a Search Box to the Drop-Down Tab List and get the control back with the list all tabs menu extension for Firefox. This simple method saves your time and makes the managing of tabs easier for you.


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    Why to add this extension? If you have to work by opening large number of tabs, then this extension is best to handle and manage all your tabs.

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    Use the middle button right on the top of your mouse in order to scroll through the list of tabs that you have opened. Moreover, use the same button to scroll the tiny error button at the bottom of the page.

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    Once you successfully installed the tabs menu extension for Firefox, you will notice two basic differences in the "Tab List Menu”. You will find a "search box" or "Search Pan" along with a unique scrollbar available in order facilitate you for those long list of sites that you opened during the last few hours. Just check out the picture on the right hand side of your screen for a closer look and to get an idea of the search box along with the scrollbar setup.

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    Now it is the time to show your creativity and to customize the scrollbar the way you want. Depending on your requirement regarding the style, you can use the scrollbar to look for a particular page. Moreover, enter a search term and watch that list become extremely manageable for you. Look on your right hand side for a closer look at Step by Step's much shorter list after conducting a search. Now, you can easily find what you are looking for.

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    Below is a much better view of the shorten list of tabs, in which you can see shortened list of tabs after searching a particular query. Now, it is no harder for you to search for your required tab in this list.

    Hope so now you don’t have to mess up with long list of tabs after having this extension to your system.

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