Google Launches High Speed Internet In Kansas City

On Thursday, July 27, Google showed off its brand new Google Fiber and Google Fiber TV in Kansas City, Missouri. The new services are meant to show off how Google thinks broadband network should be created to maximize speeds and efficiency. The unveiled services are offered to homes through a direct fiber optic connection that allows internet upload and download speeds of one-gigabyte per second speeds.


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    The service from Google will be available in September and is almost 100 times faster than packages from current providers. Google will also be giving users access to TV channels through the same fiber optic connection which previously would have only been available through cable.

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    Google will do the installation for free and is offering the customers the chance to subscribe for some very competitive rates. The whole fiber set up will be controlled through a tablet that Google will also be giving free to customers that sign up. The California based search giant has set very straight forward pricing for the futuristic service.

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    For subscribers that want the Internet and television service bundled together can do so for $120 a month. For others that just want the internet service they can pay $70 a month and get the 1 gig speed. Another option Google has thrown into the mix is a free five megabytes per second internet connection. However, customers will have to pay for installation.

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    Google’s creation of the massive setup of fiber optic network has multiple objectives. The first is to test out ultra fast internet and show ISP’s how it’s done. Google hopes to influence main stream internet providers to upgrade their networks and offer the same 1 gig speeds to clients. Google thinks this is a giant leap forward for online services and believes that this is where the future of innovation will be.

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    There is no news on whether Google will expand its service and offer the super fast internet in other locations in the US.

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