What Is the Difference Between Mbps and MBps

Mbps is an abbreviation for megabits per second; whereas, MBps stands for Megabytes per second. While using these abbreviations, you must remember that one Megabyte is equal to eight megabits. Mbps and MBps are mostly used to specify how much data can be transferred from one point to the other per second.

In order to completely understand the difference between Megabytes and megabits, we have to remember that a single ‘on’ or ‘off’ digit, a one or a zero, is one bit of data.

– 1000 Kilobytes (KB) = 8 megabits (Mb) = 1 Megabyte (MB)
– 1000 bytes = 8 kilobits (kb) = 1 Kilobyte (KB)
– 8 bits = 1 byte

It should also be mentioned to avoid any kind of a possible confusion that two different systems are used to calculate multiples of data: one is the binary system and the other is the decimal system.

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    Mbps in binary system

    Instead of taking 1000 bytes, it takes 1024 bytes to make a KB as per the binary system, which is used for computer storage and memory. The reason behind this difference is that the binary system is base 2. On the other side of the coin, MBps is used in the decimal system because it refers to the transfer rate of the data than the storage capacity.

    In order to gauge the performance levels of a number of hardware devices like USB, Firewire Ports, memory card readers and mobile appliances, data transfer rates are extremely useful.

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    Internet speed

    Speed must also be translated to value when you are taking into account the internet service plans. The internet speeds are also advertised through download and upload speeds which are expressed in megabits per second or kilobits per second (kbps).

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    With 802.11g, the wireless G network has a transfer rate of 54 Mbps, which makes it a lot faster than the rest. However, you should keep in mind that going wireless will not hamper your surfing performance.

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    Ask the other person to specify

    Apart from causing confusions, these two abbreviations are so close to each other that many people use them wrongly. Whenever you are in doubt, you should go for translations and should not hesitate to ask the other person for the exact specification, whether it is megabits per second or Megabytes per second.

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