Internet Traffic Expected to Quadruple By 2016

By 2016, it is expected that annual internet usage will boost up to the combined data usage of net from 1984 to 2012, according to guesstimate released by Cisco. Phones, videos and the number of people in the world have held responsible for that.

The recent Visual Networking Index report of Cisco clearly indicates that the traffic in 2016 alone will be larger than the collective Internet traffic between 1984 and 2012. Hence the internet traffic will augment to four times its present size.

In fact, the latest findings by Cisco unveiled the increase in traffic between 2015 and 2016 alone will amount to approximately 330 exabytes, which is almost equivalent to 2011 total online traffic.

According to Cisco, there might be five possible causes for this drastic increase. In 2016, people will have widespread accessibility of WiFi at almost every place, enabling them to stay online longer and more frequently than ever. Besides, broadband with high-speed internet access will allow them to use more Internet more quickly are mentioned.

It is also predicted a great rise in the number of Internet users in general. According to estimates, 3.4 billion people are expected to be online in 2016, which is approximately 45% of the world’s population at that time. In addition to that, there will be variety of ways through which people will be able to get online: “By 2016, the forecast projects there will be nearly 18.9 billion network connections―almost 2.5 connections for each person on earth,” Cisco says.

The final reason for this dramatic increase in Internet usage is people will be watching more videos online. “By 2016,” Cisco predicts, “1.2 million video minutes – the equivalent of 833 days (or over two years) – would travel the Internet every second.

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