How to Choose a Location to Hide a Geocache

Geocaching is a fun outdoor activity, in which contestants use a GPS receiver to hide and seek geocaches. A typical geocache comprises of a small waterproof container wrapped in a ziploc bag with a logbook and a pen or pencil in it. The participants, called geocachers, can hide these caches at any place in the world, and the finding participant enters the date he found it on the logbook inside the cache and signs his established code name as well.

Things Required:

– GPS device
– Durable, waterproof container
– Small notebook and pen to include with cache
– The time to hide and take care of your cache
– A good place to hide your cache


  • 1

    Research a cache location

    Geocaching is all about location, so it is better to research a location ahead of hiding your cache. Make sure the site you are going to finalize meets all the Geocaching guidelines and requirements of the organizer. Also consider accessibility - whether or not it is an easily accessible location – too close to a busy road, near or inside a park – there is a great probability that some passerby may stagger upon it accidentally.

  • 2

    Prepare your cache

    Start by selecting a durable container that can endure the weather conditions all year around, such as a waterproof plastic container or a military surplus ammunition box.

  • 3

    Camouflage your container

    Camouflaging your geocache container is optional, but a good idea to hide it. Paint the container in colours matching the cache location or drape it in camouflage duct tape. Don’t forget to include a logbook and a pen or pencil in the box.

  • 4

    Label your cache container clearly

    Whichever container you use, label it clearly as a geocache, since unattended packages can create alarms. It is recommended you mention your contact information as well on the geocache box. Also include a letter explaining what is inside the box and what is the purpose of leaving it unattended in a random place.

  • 5

    Placing your geocache

    Once you have determined the position to hide your cache, it is very important to get the accurate GPS coordinates of that place. Write the coordinates on the cache box as well as in the logbook. Make sure you bring back a copy of the GPS coordinates with you.

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