How to Report Internet Hate Crime

Hate crimes are an aggressive way of intolerance directed at a minority group in society. It is important that as Americans, we all do our part in addressing hate crimes. Hate crimes can cause remarkable harm and damage not only to the sufferer, but to the entire family and communities, making them upset, anxious, afraid and dubious. If you are looking to find how to report hate crimes in the United States, you will be glad to know that the steps involved are very simple. Consider following some simple instructions to get this job done without needing additional help.


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    Before doing anything else you will need to make sure you have what it takes to report a crime. It could be your friend or relative who was involved in the criminal offence but it is your moral responsibility to take action against any activity that hurt the feelings of a minority group in the community. Determine how to recognise hate criminal offenses, which can include not only killing or attacks, but also wanton damage, property harm, pestering, violence and threats. Hate crimes are criminal offenses instructed at people because of their age, disability, colour and religious beliefs.

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    Call the cops instantly and be sure that the officials record it as a hate crime. Offer all appropriate information to the police officer if you experienced the criminal activity. Try to remember information such as size, weight, width, colour and age of the criminals engaged this activity. If you are the sufferer, save any proof such as outfits, notices or pictures and prepare a list of any appropriate information of the hate criminal activity as soon as possible.

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    Get treatment for the victim(s) as soon as possible, if necessary. Ensure that that the cops are informed and that all appropriate accidents are recorded. Fill out a "Hate Crime Confirming Form" on the internet at the YouthWEB BiasHELP website. This can be done by searching for YouthWeb BiasHelp in Google search engine and clicking the appropriate link. BiasHELP is responsible for helping hate crime victims across the country and therefore it is important you help them get to the criminals. You can also hide your identity if required. Contact one of the representatives at the BiasHELP to report the crime.

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    Report a hate crime against bisexual, lesbian or homosexuals at Lambda's website’s which can be easily found through Google search. You can stay anonymous and still do your civic duty to report a hate crime that is directed towards any minority group living in your community.

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