How to Remotely Spy On another PC

Remote spying programmes have made it extremely easy to monitor what your employees or family are doing on the Internet. It not only keeps you informed, but also discourages your employees or family from doing anything that they should not be doing on the computer or Internet.


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    You need to get a physical access to the computer you wish to remotely spy on. Make sure you have legal authority to access and monitor that computer.

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    Download Virtual Networking Computing (VNC) programme from the Internet on the computer. It is a computer monitoring programme that you can download from the Internet for free.

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    After downloading the VNC on the computer you wish to monitor, start with its installation and configuration. The programme will prompt you to specify various things during the installation process, thus making it simple for you to properly configure it. Proper configuration of VNC will make it possible for the programme to transmit screen images and other information to another computer. Do not forget to allow the data to pass through the computer’s firewall by forwarding appropriate ports. You will also need to define a username and password for access to the VNC client.

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    After you have installed and configured VNC on the computer, visit and create an account there. Log into your account and set setting up a virtual host using the IP address of the computer you wish to monitor. The directions on will guide you through the process. You will be asked to provide the IP address of the server. Browse to on the computer that you wish to spy on to get the IP address. Enter this into

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    Now move to your own computer. Download the VNC client programme from the internet just as you did on the other computer. Once the downloading is complete, install and configure. The setup screen will guide you through the process.

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    When you are prompted to enter the IP address of the server, enter the virtual host URL that you set up in Step 4.

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    With the installation and configuration process completed, start the VNC client programme on your computer and connect to the computer you wish to spy on. You will be required to provide the username and password that you defined while setting up the VNC on the server computer.

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