How to Overcome Low Memory Problem in Windows XP

Sometimes you might get a message on your Windows XP operating system warning you that “You have low Memory”. This warning comes up whenever you are out of Physical memory and your computer starts lagging. One option is that you have to increase the RAM to actually increase the physical memory, but if you do not want to spend extra money just to buy RAM then there is another solution. You can assign some of your hard disk space to your memory, this is called “Virtual memory”. Following is a guideĀ  to increase the Virtual memory of your Windows XP.


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    Make sure that your laptop or computer is on and that Windows XP has fully loaded. First of all click on "Start" menu on the bottom left corner of your windows screen. Then right click on "My Computer" icon and then click on "Properties".

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    Now you will see a window with different options, click on "Advanced". Under advance you will see "Performance", under performance tab there is a "Settings" button, click on it.

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    Now you will see a window of "Performance Options", click on "Advanced", here you will see "Virtual Memory option" at the end. Click on "Change" button.

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    From here you can change the value of virtual memory. Try to increase it in megabytes above the assigned limit, your problem will be solved.

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    If you face any difficulties while doing this then remember to start from the beginning and try them again. Be sure to take your time so that you do not skip any particular step. If there are still issues then get online and visit one of the various websites or forums that are available. You will find a huge selection of websites or forums that are dedicated for Windows XP. Here you will find some excellent tips and tricks that you can use to update your system and improve the memory management issues as well. If you want some personalised help then post a question on one of the many forums and an expert user will be happy to assist you with any issue that you might be facing.

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    You can also take a trip to your nearest bookstore or library and find many nice tutorials or books on Windows XP. Be sure to check some of these books out and learn or research as much as you can regarding the usage of Windows XP. Once you have picked up some advance knowledge you can try to fix the memory management system of Windows XP without any problems.

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