Tips to Make A PDF File from Images

Portable Document Format or the PDF file format has become the go-to option for document exchange worldwide. As compared to a simple .doc file, a pdf file has many advantages which are given below;

– Mobility and Portability
– It preserves all visual elements
– It supports interactive functions like hyperlinks, mark-ups, music and file attachment etc.
– Effective data encryption and security
– It supports file compression

However when it comes to conversion of various file formats into pdf, there are certain set procedures, some of which are not that well known. In this article, we will talk about one such scenario, which involves the making of a pdf file from multiple images. The step by step guide of this procedure has been detailed below.


  • 1

    The first step is to install the ‘doPDF’ free pdf converter online. This software is available on a number of websites. A few recommended options are as under;


    For more options, you can simply explore the results given by various search engines.

  • 2

    The second step is to select the images you want to convert into the pdf file. Make a separate folder for these images.

  • 3

    Now select these images and click on ‘print pictures’, an option which appears on the Windows side bar. A photo printing wizard will appear automatically from where you can select the settings.

  • 4

    Select doPDF as the printer and then assign the folder or directory in which you want to save your pdf file.

  • 5

    Now click ‘next’ and you will see the selected pictures on the left side. Pick and drop each picture onto the right hand side panel, marked under ‘print preview’, and click on ‘next’.

  • 6

    An interface will appear in which a directory link will be given. You now have to alter this link by replacing ‘full page fax print.pdf’ with ‘images.pdf’.

  • 7

    Click on ‘OK’ and the printing process will initiate. The time for printing depends on the number of pictures you have selected to be exported into the pdf file.

  • 8

    Click on ‘Finish’ to end the process. Go to the directory in which you have saved the pdf file and check the document.

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