How to Get the Parvo Virus Out of Your House

Parvo Virus is contagious disease which affect puppies and dogs. It infects by quickly dividing cells of the body especially in the digestive area. It damages the lining of stomach and intestines resulting in severe dehydration and diarrhea. This is because stomach and intestines fail to absorb nutrients they consume. If the virus infects a dog then there is no cure. However, you can prevent other dogs and animals from getting this virus by kicking it out from your house.

Things Required:

– Rubber gloves
– Heavy trash bags
– Bleach
– Disposable rags


  • 1

    Dispose of toys

    First of all you need to dispose of the toys which came intact with your dog that was infected with the Parvo virus. This virus can live up to a year in the environment you need to get rid of the toys. Place them in a heavy trash bag and throw in the garbage can. Remember to wear protective gloves when you pick up those toys and get rid of the gloves as well.

  • 2

    Wash blanket

    Next you need to clean the blanket and bedding of the dog which carried this disease. Wash these items in hot water after adding bleach. Add a cup of bleach in the hot water. This is get rid of the virus from fabric. After washing you need to dry in high heat settings.

  • 3

    Clean the surface

    You need to clean the surface with bleach and water. You need to mix these items with 1:1 ratio. Apply it on your floor, tabletops and even handles of your door and drawers. Also clean any other surface which your dog roamed. Remember to use disposable rags for this step and repeat the process to clean the surface properly.

  • 4


    You need to disinfect your yard from this virus as well. It may cause damage to the grass or plants but it is necessary. If there is any faeces left on the yard you need to remove it. Add bleach to the garden sprayer and then apply it.

  • 5


    Before bringing your new dog in the house, you need to vaccinate it. Take it to your local vet and have him properly vaccinated.

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