How to Set Up a Digital Signage Display

In order to achieve communication objectives, people employ different means of advertisement and digital signage display is the most recent development in this regard. The digital signage system usually comprises of animated elements or stationary graphics that consist both audio and video. It allows people to display customised messages on huge screens in order to grab the attention of people. However, the placement of digital signage display is something tricky and people always find want to find a strategic location for putting up the display.

The digital signage system can be handled with one computer with single display. People also use specialised software that helps in providing unique messages to the digital signage displays which are placed on different locations. However, it is quite important to set up digital signage display on such locations which are visited by a huge number of people every day. If you are looking forward to advertising your message or product on a digital signage display, then you have to be careful in selecting the location. If you do not know how to select the most suitable locations for placing the digital signage display, then take help from this article.


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    First of all, you should identify the most visited places in town where a huge number of people come on a daily basis. The major bus terminals, main entrance of shopping malls, railway stations, airports and the busiest roads are the best places for placing the digital signage.

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    To determine the size of the digital signage display in the most important factor which can affect your advertisement campaign. Always use high definition flat-panel LCDs that could be clearly visible even from a larger distance.

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    Then you should connect the monitors to the host or controlling computer. You have to use a dedicated computer which will provide unique messages on digital signage placed on different locations.

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    Be careful in choosing the digital signage control software. Always try to use specialised software like Scala or Navori for the effective presentation on digital signage displayed placed on different locations.

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    You should install the digital signage software and design the individual slides like billboards with easy to read and short messages.

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    Try to make the message language as simple as possible and it should also be clearly visible as vagueness can cause damage to your objective.

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