43 Shortcut Keys for Internet Browsers

Mouse is not the only assistance which you receive while making use of different functions on a web browser, keyboard itself allows the user to perform all functions by using combination of few keys, or sometimes a single key can do the job. These keyboard shortcuts are common for every browser, you do not have to use different combination for different browser. But there are few actions that require mouse’s assistance. These short keys will help user to perform the task quickly and efficiently; if by any chance your mouse stops working and you cannot take a break then the keyboard short keys will definitely help you in finding a way out.


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    Ctrl + 1: This will open the first tab of your internet browser. From 1 till 8 you can open your tabs. Ctrl+9 will take you towards your last tab.

    Ctrl + Tab: In case of more than eight tabs you can use this keyboard shortcut and switch to the desired tab.

    Ctrl + Shift + Tab: This key will allow you to move towards the tabs on the left side, in other words you can switch back to the previous tab.

    Ctrl + W, Ctrl + F4: If you want to close any current tab then these two short keys are used.

    Ctrl + Shift + T: In order to open the last closed tab this shortcut key is used.

    Ctrl + T:  For opening a new tab

    Ctrl + N:  A new browser window can be opened by using this shortcut.

    Alt + F4: The entire window will close by using these two keys together

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    Mouse Actions for Tabs

    Middle Click a Tab: Tab is closed

    Ctrl + Left Click or Middle Click: A link can be opened in the background tab.

    Shift + Left Click: A new browser window will open

    Ctrl + Shift + Left Click: A new link will open in the foreground tab

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    Alt + Left Arrow, Backspace: This will take you backward

    Alt + Right Arrow, Shift + Backspace: This shortcut will take you forward

    F5: This will reload your page

    Ctrl + F5: The entire website will be reloaded and cache will get skipped

    Escape: To stop loading, this key is used.

    Alt + Home: Homepage is opened by using these two keys together.

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    Ctrl and +, Ctrl + Mouse- wheel Up: You can zoom in the page you are on

    Ctrl and -, Ctrl + Mouse-wheel Down: You can zoom out the page

    Ctrl + 0: This will help you in resuming to the default zoom level

    F11: In order to view the page in a full screen mode this key will help you.

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    Space, Page Down: The frame is scrolled down wards.

    Shift + Space, Page Up: The frame is scrolled up wards.

    Home: You will move at the top of the page.

    End: You will move at the bottom of the page.

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    Address Bar

    Ctrl + L, Alt + D, F6: This will keep your address bar in focus so that you can type the required address.

    Ctrl + Enter: To load the page after entering a new website address.

    Alt + Enter: If you want to open a new tab of similar location then make use of these keys.

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    Ctrl + K, Ctrl + E: The search box in the browser is focused.

    Alt + Enter: You will be able to search from the search box after using these two keys together.

    Ctrl + F, F3: The in-page search will open up and you will be able to search the desired option on the current page.

    Ctrl + G, F3: Next match present on the page is searched by using these two keys together.

    Ctrl + Shift + G, Shift + F3: Move towards the previous match that was viewed on the search page.

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    History & Bookmarks

    Ctrl + H: History of the browser will open.

    Ctrl + J: History of download will open.

    Ctrl + D: Current website will get bookmarked

    Ctrl + Shift + Del: A window will open to clear the browsed history.

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    Other Functions

    Ctrl + P: Your current page will get printed

    Ctrl + S: The opened page will get saved

    Ctrl + O: You can open a file from your computer by using these keys.

    Ctrl + U: The source code of the page will open.

    F12: Developer’s tools are opened by using this key.

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