How to Become a Sap System Analyst

If you are thinking of becoming a SAP system analyst, you should first know that what this is all about. SAP (System Applications and Products) is a Germany-based firm that creates enterprise software for large companies. The company’s software ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is the most common product being used by corporations worldwide. Hence the demand for programmers who are able to work on SAP ERP and analysts is ever increasing.

If you have made up your mind about becoming a SAP system analyst, you need to learn the basics of what SAP is all about and what the job prospects are. Since not every company uses SAP ERP, you should be aware of the industries where the software is being used.


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    Educate yourself

    The first step to becoming SAP system analyst is to educate yourself about the software and its basic purpose. There are several sources you can rely on to learn the basics of the system. However, enrolling in a bachelor’s degree program in computer system will help a lot, as you will gain insight into computer languages, programming, business management, and industrial engineering before finally jumping in the field you are after.

    Companies that employ SAP system usually look for people having a background of industrial engineering and business management. Just learning software programming will not work.

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    Enroll in short courses

    You can join short courses on computer science, database maintenance and financial management. Short courses will strengthen your CV (Curriculum Vitae) and you will also learn how software works and functions in enterprises. There are many colleges which offer short courses, both classes and online.

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    Get a SAP certification

    Since a certificate of a course or any education provides a verifiable proof of your capability, getting a SAP certification is a must-do thing if you want to become a system analyst in a large company. There are several institutes in the United States and Europe that facilitate those wishing to get a SAP certification, however, enrolling with the SAP through its website is the most effective way. You can log on to the website and search for your country on the page titled “Training and Certification Shop.” Getting a certification will allow you to build a stronger CV and your job prospects will be much brighter.

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    Gain insight into business management

    Since SAP ERP is software designed for managing large businesses, you should have a detailed overview of finance, management, marketing, managerial accounting and human resource.

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    Apply for a position

    After you have got the SAP certification (ERP), you can start off by working with a smaller companies, or even as an internee. Once you have gained enough experience, you can apply for a SAP system analyst in large corporations.

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