How To Change Printers In Windows Vista

Being able to perform multiple tasks on your computer on your own can save you a lot of time, increase your output or production efficiency and above all you do not have to be dependent on others for solution of even small problems. Dependency on others is also sometimes a wait, agony and frustration. So it is better to learn how can you do small task on your own. Changing your printer in Windows Vista on your own can save you a lot of time. It is a simple process to change your printer to another printer, which is sometimes in your easy reach. There can be some issues with a particular printer or it can stop working all of sudden and you are required to print your some urgent stuff from another printer. In that case knowing how to change a printer in Window Vista is great help for you. You can learn this from your IT staff or through online guides. It is handy to learn and perform tasks like these ones.


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    How to Start

    To start looking for an option to change your printer in Windows Vista is a dead easy task, and can be performed with a remarkable ease. You just need to click Windows section and press the Start button. From the Start you need to select the control panel button and click on it to take you to the next step. This step is almost similarly performed in all computers and laptops, and does not require much effort to remember it. You can easily perform the same function if again required to change your printer setting.

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    Hardware and Sounds

    From the control panel button, after you click it, you will find a 'Hardware and Sound' option.  If you click on it, it will take you to Devices and Printers section, where you can find a list of printers you have available in your computer. Generally, all printers in an office are made available on all computers and you can chose any of them, which is more accessible to you and can save your time. Also, sometimes a printer nearby you is not working and you have to chose another one.

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    Setting Default Printer

    By clicking right on the printer area, you can select the printer you want. Next step you need to do is to set the printer as a Default Printer so that every time you give a print it is printed from your set printer. When you open the devices and printer window a small box with a check mark appears. You just have to click the mark to set the printer as your default printer.

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