How to Make Money with Clickbank

Starting and running a profitable business has become an extremely difficult task these days. Clickbank is an industry where people can either offer e-goods or sign up to sell e-goods produced by others. It is a recommended practice to have at least one front-end product of your own to sell to the customers. These products can be anything that can be downloadable without requiring any part of it to be actually delivered.


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    Firstly, you will identify a market where you want to excel. Look for the Clickbank market place to see what groups are available for the users. You must find a way to customise your product to fit groups that are not already filled with identical products.

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    Consider writing an e-book, create software or put together a report that could attract potential customers. Ensure that it offers a fresh perspective that will help you stand out among your competitors.

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    Once you have developed a product that can attract customers, you should consider registering for a seller’s account with Clickbank.  You will be asked to pay the registration fee so your account could be verified.

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    Develop a small website which will help you promote your products. Build a website that perfectly explains the product and what it can do for the customer. Consider using highly-searched keywords in order to get higher online search engine traffic to your web page.

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    Now it is time to submit your web page and your e-goods to Clickbank for acceptance. Make a note of the Clickbank payment links provided to you from the website and paste them on to your website so you customers could pay for the products instantly.

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    Set a competitive price for your product. Consider choosing a percentage of each sale that will go to anyone who wants to work for you as an affiliate. Then find new ways to promote your product. Post information about it online boards and on relevant web portals.

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