How to Change Your Homepage on Google Chrome

When you are used to using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer or even Mozilla’s Firefox, the Google Chrome experience can be a little confusing at first. One reason is your mind is not willing to accept a change in browsers because you have used the other for long, but another part of your mind is also telling you to check what this one offers and how it may be better.

The Google Chrome browser has come a long way ever since it was released and now includes many features, with changing your homepage being one of the, if not the easiest of tasks that one could perform on it.


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    Open Google Chrome

    The first step in order to change your homepage on Google Chrome would be to locate it and open it. If you are having trouble finding it, you can always use the search option to find the Google browser. If you still cannot find it, it is most probable that you do not have it installed on your personal computer and in order to get it on your PC, download it by going to the Google website and downloading it after clicking the respective link.

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    Locate the Menu Button

    The most difficult part of using Google Chrome for new users is most definitely locating the menu button. This is probably because it is unusual from how a normal menu button looks when using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. In Google Chrome, the menu button is a square object with three lines going across. It can be found on the top right hand side of the browser. Click it and hopefully, a whole drop down menu will appear before you with a variety of options. Check out the next step to see what to do now.

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    Settings, Home Button and Setting Homepage

    When you have opened down the menu drop down menu, click on settings, which should take you to another page altogether, which is where the real options come out. Over here, you can customize Google Chrome in a number of ways, but we are only going to discuss changing homepages.

    Under the appearance heading, tick off the “Show Home Button” option in order to get a homepage button like in Firefox and Internet Explorer so that you can go back to your homepage at any time.

    Now in order to change the homepage, a new sub heading will appear below “Show Home Button”. Click on the link “Change” to set a new one for yourself. You can keep it either a new tab page or any other web URL you like.

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