What is Cyber Warfare and Terrorism

Cyber warfare is term used for attacks on websites and internet interruptions by hackers around the world. In this warfare generally the websites of different countries are hacked. This warfare is not recognized and happens in rare occasions. The attacks are not backed or sponsored officially by any country. Cyber terrorism is the term closer to cyber warfare. In this, the internet is interrupted and personal computers are damaged through spread of viruses, and the scale of damage is very large.


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    In both cyber warfare and terrorism websites are hacked and internet service is interrupted through unauthorized access of websites and internet services globally.

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    In cyber terrorism, the attack is rather structured and damage greater. For example, spread of virus can be used to damage personal computers connected to websites.

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    In an advanced and structured attack, cyber terrorism is targeted at government institutions' websites. This is the same in cyber warfare that hackers from different countries hack each other's website and change the information on them.

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    In modern days, certain terrorists organizations use different means to spread their propaganda through the internet, and that is also now part of global terrorism and is checked and controlled as much as it can be.

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    Neither cyber warfare nor terrorism is sponsored by government of any country officially. The attackers can be individual internet experts or group of people, as in case of terrorists groups, to attack IT interests of different countries.

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    Many countries, especially the US, now have proper cyber terrorism fighting forces, because the threat of cyber terrorism has increased manifolds over the recent years.

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    The level of security on the internet has also been increased now, although breaking of passwords and codes is still being done by the cyber terrorist groups at the same level it was before. Nevertheless, the concern about cyber terrorism has increased and some agencies are working globally to keep the threat of any major attacks under their check.

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