How to Launch .Exe as Administrator

.Exe is just another name for countless computer software which computer users all over the world install and use everyday. All versions of Window operating systems have a built-in security feature which allows you to limit a particular .exe file from making changes to the computer unless it is granted administrative right by the computer administrator. Launching software with administrative right should not take more than a couple of minutes at the most. Here is what you need to do in order to launch a .exe file as an administrator.


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    Use an account with administrative rights to login to the operating system. If you login using a non-administrator account such as guest account or a limited user account, you will not be able launch a programme with administrative rights.

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    Click the ‘Start’ button once you are logged in. Look for the icon of the programme that you wish to launch as administrator in the menu that pops up. Alternatively, you can use Windows Explorer to locate the icon of the desired programme.

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    Click on the icon with the right mouse button. You will see a list of options to choose from.

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    From the context menu, click ‘Run As...’ or ‘Run as Administrator’. One of these options will be available in the context menu depending upon the version of Windows operating system installed on your computer.

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    If the option you chose was ‘Run As...’ you will have to further choose ‘Administrator’ from a drop down menu. However, if the option you selected was ‘Run as Administrator’, Windows will launch the programme with administrative rights without prompting you to make any further choice.

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    If you want to run the launch with administrative rights by default each time you launch it, right click the icon of that programme. From the context menu that appears, select ‘Properties’. There will be a tab labelled ‘Compatibility’ in the Properties window. Click that tab.

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    Under the Compatibility tab, you will see a number of options. Check the box labelled ‘Run This Program As Administrator’. In order to confirm the changes you just made, click ‘Apply’ button followed by the ‘OK’ button. Now each time you run the programme, it will launch with administrative rights.

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