How to Report Internet Crimes

Invention of computers and internet has opened up numerous possibilities both for users and criminals. Using the internet, we are now able to connect with others across the world in a second. Using a few simple keystrokes, we can deliver messages to our friends and family members around the globe.

Although the IT industry has grown tremendously in recent times, it has also provided criminals the opportunity to start a string of new types of crimes. These internet crimes usually include credit card fraud transactions, spam emails and piracy. If you know someone who is involved in a cyber crime, it is your moral responsibility to report it.


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    Consider collecting all the data about the cyber crimes you are aware of. The more information you can collect about the criminal, the easier it will be to catch him. Authorities will ask you to provide complete information so they can resolve the case as soon as possible.

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    Once you have gathered the information, consider speaking to a customer services representative in the Internet Crime Complaint Centre. This organisation was developed in an effort to help the people who suffer from a cyber crime. It usually works with the FBI and makes reporting internet frauds easier for victims.

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    You will be required to fill out the complaint form available on the Internet Crime Complaint Centre’s website. The organisation will give you a complaint or reference number once you have successfully made the complaint. A team of criminal investigators will research and look in to the matter at the centre. Typically, update on the status is within five to seven working days.

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    Contact the local police department and inform them about the formal complaint you had filed. Speaking to the local police department can prove to be very helpful if you are unsure about how to report the cyber crime.

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    Always determine if the cyber crime you are planning to report is an FBI matter. The FBI investigators usually deal in cases of internet bomb threats, harassment and pornography.  If you believe some part of the crime was conducted using post office mail then file a complaint with the local post office to bring it to their attention.

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