How to Launch a Networking Leads Group

Mark the end of the marketing process of contacting potential customers or clients by launching your own networking leads group. Network marketing is the most efficient method to look for customers and increase your business scale. Moreover, meeting individuals at networking events is an effective way to boost your professional network of connections and it also increase the number of times you meet the people you are familiar with. However, it may take a while to start your networking group, but when it is done it will provide an enormous source of leads and grow your organisation to a bigger extent. There are several ways to launch a networking leads group effectively.


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    Choose the purpose of the networking leads group

    First of all, it is very important to decide on the concentration of your networking group. See what type of business leads you want to cater to and concentrate on a particular industry such as real estate investing or a certain interest club like hotel owners. After that, set a date for a meeting. Search for a place such as a community hall and reserve a date. A restaurant or a bar can provide you with limited meeting area and remember not to make the drinking and eating the main reason for your networking purpose. Make sure you develop business cards to promote and advertise the gathering.

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    Make an invitation list

    Try to come up with a guest list. Produce a list of family, friends, colleagues, business contacts and people you are acquainted with. Partner up with a friend to increase the numbers in your list. Any kind of mail that you get can be used as a prospective lead. You should computerize your list and leave space for additional email contacts even at this stage of the preparations. MailChimp and Constant Contacts are top vendors that provide you with email list management services.

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    Organise the event properly

    Place name tags at the front gate and keep a table for guests to put out the flyers and cards. Begin the event by naming the meeting’s speaker after the people have had their drinks. The speaker needs to announce himself and talk for about 15 minutes. After that, move around the meeting space and allow everyone three minutes to give their introduction and business speeches. Make sure you have a timer to keep track of time so that no one consumes more than the allotted time.

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