3 Best Windows Hosting Service Providers

There are many windows web hosting services, but selecting any one of them is quite a hectic task. Therefore, we have compiled a list of top windows web hosting service providers, who might help you in making the perfect decision.

Web Hosting Pad

If you are looking for a web hosting company with great experiences in the field with high-end servers and world class support, one has to select Web Hosting Pad. Rated with a rank of 95% based on some of the important factors which decide the quality and reliability of web hosting, Web Hosting Pad has been serving the privileged customers with great Support response time,  high server response time, Support quality, control panel usability and a superb server uptime.



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    A Division of the renowned web hosting industry Omnis Network, Web Hosting Pad was founded in 2005. Within a small period of three years the company earned the reputation of the best choice for web hosting and it has more than 200, 000 accounts.

    Technical specs

    WebHostingPad platform is made up of state of art technology. WebHostingPad is credited with custom build servers. A loan balanced server cluster manages the shared web services. As it is load balanced, there is no question of mismatching in speed of hard disk availability. 8GB RAM of the dual Xeon Server is the nerve centre of WebHostingPad. This offers consistent and reliable performance.   An up to date MySQL 5.04.05 and PHP 5.2.45 with UTF9 and mbstring are supporting the high techno savvy WebHostingPad.

    Security Aspects

    The WebHostingPad assures strong isolation between the user accounts through state of art distinctive PHP system. With WebHostingPad, one can be assured of secure web hosting.

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    Hostgator, a renowned privately owned web hosting company established in 2002 has been in the front of assuring reliable web hosting services for all kinds of business and individual needs. It is one of the renowned web hosts with dedicated services and extolling customer care and support.

    Packages matching all business communities

    Hostgator has a wide range of hosting packages. The basic website hosting package offers an affordable rate of $6.95 per month with 50 GB disk space, 4096 MB of RAM and 1500 GB Bandwidth. The plan is from a dedicated server.

    It offers three kinds of plans aimed at private and small business users. They are baby, Swamp and Hatchling. These plans contain 50 to 200 GB of disk space with very high bandwidth of 200 to 2000 GB ranges. For customers with higher demands they offer highly dedicated severs with unlimited disk space and there are four different kinds of affordable packages.

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    FatCow hosting services

    Since 1998 FatCow has provided a successful web hosting service, basing their ethos on ease of use, great customer service and great value for money. Their customer services team, affectionately known as the “Moo Crew”, are available 24/7 and pride themselves of offering some of the best customer care in the web hosting industry.

    FatCows reliability is superb, with fantastic uptime success achieved through investment in the latest technology and hardware, multiple internet backbone providers and top level security and fire precautions.


    The control panel used is H-Sphere, an icon based control panel which is renowned for ease of use and functionality. Amount of bandwidth and disk space available is displayed alongside the control panel, making it easy to plan your site without running out of space.

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