What is Remote Desktop Services?

Remote Desktop Services (RDS) is one of the modules of Microsoft Windows which helps a user to remotely access graphical desktops and Windows applications over a network. There are numerous client devices, operating systems, form factors, HTML 5 browsers and Java clients through which you can access Remote Desktop Services applications and desktops. Being a user, you can watch and communicate with Remote Desktop Services resources with the help of remote display protocol. Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is also offered by Microsoft. Moreover, these protocols can be built be third party companies such as Citrix HDX and VMware PC-over-IP.


Remote Desktop Services, which was previously known as Terminal Services, allows a server to host more than one client sessions at a time. By using Remote Desktop Services technology, Remote Desktop can operate only one session to operate remotely. It allows users to connect to a Remote Desktop Session Host server through Remote Desktop Connection client software.

Where applicable

A Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) client is available in various forms. Thin-client hardware devices that are used to manage an embedded Windows-based operating system have the ability to manage the RDC client software to connect to an RD Session Host server. There are three operating systems that can run RDC client software to connect to an RD Session Host server, and eventually shows of Windows based applications. These operating systems are Windows, Macintosh and UNIX-based applications. And this amalgamation of RDC clients allows an access to all those applications which are powered by Windows.

Developer audience

It is highly recommendable for the developers to know the basics of C and C++ programming languages and Windows-based programming environment in order to operate Remote Desktop Services. Knowledge about client/server architecture is also required.

Run-time requirements

Some of the basic requirements of the applications that use Remote Desktop Services are given below;

– Windows Server 2012
– Windows 8
– Windows Server 2008 R2
– Windows 7
– Windows Server 2008
– Windows Vista
– Windows Server 2003
– Windows XP

In order to use Remote Desktop Connection, click here.

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