How to Program a Mainframe

Large businesses, corporations and companies use mainframes to get protected, centralise and reduce their computer resources. Though people who use computers might not have same specialised know-how on how the mainframe programming works, they can still replicate the end results of using a mainframe. Microsoft provides program directors or owners the ability to make several customer records on one machine using the Microsoft Windows operating system programmes and applications. Additionally, these recognised customers can log into their individual MS Windows accounts to manage programmes and applications during multiple effective logins, similar to how a mainframe functions.


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    Before doing anything else you will need to prepare a list of terms you need to be familiar with. Although you do not require to be an expert computer user, you must have some basic operating system and IT operational skills to perform this task effectively. Now turn on the computer and wait for Windows to load. Enter your log in details to access the computer’s desktop. Next, click the Start button left at the bottom of your computer’s home screen. Type in "User Accounts" in the search bar right at the bottom of the "Start" selection menu. Press the "Enter" button on the keyboard and simply click "Manage Another Account."

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    Select the "Create a New Account" option. Provide all the requested personal details to fill the empty fields. Complete the "Standard User" stereo key. Just click "Create Account." Perform this step again until individual records are recognised for all people who use computers. Close the User Accounts window.

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    Click "Start." Choose the right pointer next to the "Shut Down" option on the "Start" selection menu, but don't shut down the PC as yet. Choose the "Switch User" menu option. The administrator's user account will remain signed into MS Windows, with all programs running behind the scenes either in idle or active state.

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    Give the customers their account names and details. Advise each customer to simply click their name on the MS Windows sign in screen. Once signed in, they will type "User Account" in the search menu at the end of the "Start" selection menu. The users will then have to press the enter button to access their accounts.

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    If you face any difficulties then try these instructions again and be sure to not skip any step. However, if problems arise then you can also go online and you will find a large variety of different forums and websites that deal with this specific topic. Be sure to go through the different posts as you will probably find what you are looking for here.

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