How does the White Hat SEO Technique Work

You can have all the relevant information, fantastic animations, detailed and exciting images, and helpful links on your website, but until you don’t improve your website’s ranking on a search engine, the chances of increasing traffic inflow and viewership will remain next to zero.

With so many websites in nearly every stream and niche, it has become paramount to increase website’s ranking on the search engine, and to do so you have to understand the concept of Search Engine Optimization – a set of techniques essential to increase the ranking of any site on search engine return pages (SERPs) position.

Search optimization process is interrelated. If your website is one of the best in the business, and the search engine lists it high on its SERPs, it cements its credibility, and you will benefit by getting more viewership.

The first and the most essential step in increasing the search optimization, is to ensure that the content and information provided on your website is accurate, and of high quality.

There are basically two popular search optimization techniques being used nowadays – the white hat approach and the black hat approach. In this article we will take a look at the white hat philosophy and will also discuss the benefits and the problem faced in this approach.


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    The white hat technique of search optimization revolves around the use of proper keywords at proper places. Keywords are ones, which can describe the nature of content. When the tracking software of search engines analyzes the page, it is the keywords which transfer the relevant information.

    For example, if your webpage is about basketball, and you have not used basketball in prominent places, the search engine won’t be able to figure out the nature of content. Some of the most prominent places where you should place the keywords are the title of the webpage, headers and the early part of the article/content. It is also recommended to use the keywords throughout the text, but over usage can also backfire.

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    Other than the placement of the keywords, their selection is also a delicate issue. Considering our example of basketball, if the coverage is of a National Basketball Association game, then it is necessary to mention the league name (NBA), and the name of teams which are participating. If the game is between high profile teams, you can also mention the names of top players. The sole purpose of this technique is to ensure that the search engine analysis of your website becomes easier.

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    Another critical factor for increasing the ranking on SERPs is link analysis, which indicates the number of web pages that are linked to your page or site. Search engines, especially Google, give a lot of weightage to this feature, and if a number of other links of the relevant niche are linked to your page, your ranking on the SERP’s will go up automatically. This feature especially works wonders, if the attached links are having high SERPs.

    The only point to be cautious about in this regard is to ensure that irrelevant pages are not linking to your website; otherwise the search engine will think that you are trying to cheat it.

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