How to View Pictures from Mac Computer on a TV

Macintosh computers have amazing features and excellent display LCD but there are times when you prefer to view pictures or movies on a larger screen. If you have a HD or 3D television, you will certainly like to see the pictures or movies from your Mac onto your TV. Moreover, you can also use your television to serve as a purpose of a multimedia projector. You can connect your laptop to your TV and can show any sort of presentation to a group of people comprehensively on a wider display screen.


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    Before starting the actual process of connecting your Mac computer to your television, you need to determine the video ports present in your laptop and TV. Your television must have a HDMI, S-Video or VGA port to be connected to Mac. If there is a difference between the ports of your laptop and television, you can also get suitable adapters to connect them effectively.

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    Newer models of Mac have Mini Display Ports, whilst the older ones have other types of ports built in them. Examine the back side of your Mac laptop or computer to see what type of video ports are present over there. The user’s manual can also be used for find the location of video ports and save your time.

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    Go through the user’s manual carefully to determine the name of the video ports present in your Mac, so that you can choose the right type of cable for connecting it to the television. Once you know the name of the port, you can easily tell the salesman of an electronic store to give you the appropriate cable.

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    Do the same to determine the name of the port within your TV.

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    You will be lucky if your television and Mac have the same sort of video port and you can easily connect them together. If they both have different sort of ports, you have to decide which sort of adapter you will need to buy from the market so that it can support both video ports and connect the two appliances. You can access the ‘Apple Info’ website to find the exact name of the suitable adapter.

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    You can buy the required adapter from Apple Online Store or Apple retail stores near your house.

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    Connect each end of the adapter to the correct ports on both Mac and TV. You can now see the display of your Mac computer onto your television.

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