How to Disable Java in Web Browsers

Most of us know that Java is a high level programming technology and a podium of independent language. Java is deliberate to work in the spread environment over the Internet. There are certain reports of having some flaws in Java Script due to the inconsistency with the defined data types that is being handled by the Java virtual machine. That raises a question now, do you need Java?

The most appropriate way to find out answer for this is to first of all you have to disable Java on your browser and then enabling it if you were prompt to download Java before opening any website. Then you can easily enable your Java plug-in again by following the below steps in backward direction.


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    Disable Java in IE 9

    Open your IE 9 and click on the gear icon located on the top right corner of the page and then select Manage add-ons." A window will pop up now click on Toolbars and Extensions located under Add-on Types pane and you will get a list of plug-ins, now select Java plug-in under "Sun Microsystems Inc." After selecting the Java entry and hit the Disable button located in the right bottom of the page.

    When you restart IE, you will get a notice at the bottom asking you that the Java plug-in is available to use. Not to use it hot the "Don't enable" button or simply close the pop up by clicking the “x” button to go on with Java-free browsing.

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    Disable Java in Google Chrome

    To disable Java in Chrome, simply write "chrome://plugins" in the address bar and hit the Enter key to view a list of the installed plug-ins. Move to the Java Plug-in and hot Disable key.

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    Disable Firefox's Java plug-in

    To disable Java plug-in Firefox, open Firefox click the tool button and select the Add-ons a new window will open for the add-on manager. In case if you are unable to see the Firefox menu then press Alt key to open menu. Select the Plug-ins from the left panel, move to the Java plug-in and hit the Disable button.

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    Disable Java in Safari

    To disable Java in Safari, you have to click on Safari and then select Preferences, choose the Security tab from the top of the window, and from the web content uncheck the “Enable Java”.

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