How to Fix New Technology File System Errors

New technology file system which is commonly known as NTFS is the latest file system which is adopted by windows. Before NTFS, FAT was the default file system used in windows. The problem with FAT was that it was not reliable and resilient and it was more prone to errors and also it did not provide support for metadata. To overcome all these problems NTFS was introduced. It is more resilient, less prone to errors and it supports metadata but it does not mean that it is perfect. There are certain scenarios that can introduce errors to NTFS; in that case we can fix these errors using tools provided by the operating system. Following is the step by step guide to fix the errors introduced to new technology file system.


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    First of all you should try to run chkdsk utility from your own computer which is provided by the windows. In order to do this you can adopt any one of the following procedures.

    1)      Boot your computer and when it starts hit, F8 key, a menu with many boot choices will pop up. Select “Safe Mode” and then hit enter.

    2)      If you have a windows installation disk, put it in cd rom and restart the pc. Now press any key to boot from cd. Once installation gets started, press R to enter in recovery console. Follow on screen instructions until you reach to repair console.

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    If you fail to do step 1 then remove hard disk drive of your computer and attach it to another computer to access it.

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    Once the other computer detects your hard disk, run the chkdsk from here using same options provided in step 1.

    If these steps do not go through then do the following steps.

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    If you can see the gui of windows and your hard drive listed there in My Computer folder of other computer then just right click on the partition and then click on “properties” and then “tools” and then “check disk for errors”.

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    If you do not have access to gui of windows and you can only access the text console then type without quotes “chkdsk E:, replace E: with the appropriate drive letter.

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    If you also want to recover the data lost by NTFS errors then type this option on the console chkdsk c: /r

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