How to Print Photos From your Computer

You always want to save every happy moment spent with your family, friends and your loved ones. A picture serves the purpose. Nowadays there are digital cameras, mobile phones, tables and a host of other technologies which can be used to capture the exciting moments in your life.

A lot of people want these precious moments to stay with them forever so they pay a lot of money at a convenience store and get the images on paper. Printing photos is very easy and the action can be performed at home if you have a printer. You can print as many photos as you want with a single click at home and also adjust the picture according to your own desire.


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    Locate the picture in your computer

    Find the pictures in the computer and select the photos you want to be printed. It is always good to copy the files in a new folder to avoid any hassle. If you have downloaded the pictures from your email or from the internet, they will usually be in the ‘Downloads’ folder. The ‘Downloads’ folder can be found in the ‘My Documents’ tab, which is located on the desktop.

    If the pictures are not on your computer and are in your digital camera or mobile, use a date cable to copy the photos from the respective device on to the computer

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    Connect the printer

    Next connect the printer to the computer and attach all the required cables to the PC. Place the required amount of paper in the printer. There are different types of papers for different pictures. Coloured images require a better quality paper and for that purpose glossy paper can be used.

    To make sure that the printer is working properly or not, get a test print to check ink and the quality

  • 3

    Print preview the images

    Right click on the image you want to print, select the option ‘Print Preview’. This would give you a better view of the size of the image and what the dimensions would be. You can also adjust the size and dimensions of the image according to your desire before you print the photos

  • 4

    Print the images

    When you are completely satisfied with the images, select the ‘Print’ button or press Ctrl+P to instantly print the image. Only print the nest photo when the first one is done so that you can re-print the latter if there is any problem

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