How to Remove Your Personal Information from the Internet

Millions of people regularly use the internet these days as it has become a necessity in professional as well as personal lives, at least in literate societies. While surfing online, you have to give your personal information on a number of websites, which at times can become public. In many cases, people are able to gather your personal information by just typing your name and location on major search engines. You may get harassed through your personal information or your identity may get misused. Therefore, it is imperative to get your personal information removed from the internet.


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    Prefer prevention over cure

    Prevention is always better than a cure. Getting personal information removed from the internet is a hassle and can be a time consuming effort. Hence, you should always be careful while sharing your information on the internet. If there is some general information required, which cannot be misused then there is no harm in providing that. However, you should always look to avoid giving sensitive information online like your social security number, credit or debit card numbers, bank account numbers, personal telephone numbers or address.

    If there is no option but to give the information then you must make sure that the website is credible.

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    Removing your data

    Removing your personal information from the internet is extremely difficult. One place does not exist where you can eliminate all of your personal information and you will have to literally go through all the different websites you might have put information on. Every website has a different process of removing information. Some ask you to write to them; whereas, some may ask for your telephone numbers. You will have to prove your identity to some sites through your tax id number or driving license number.

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    Be patient

    Getting the information removed from internet is a slow process and can be irritating at times. Do not lose patience and be calm while working hard to remove your personal information. Keeping in mind that being harsh with a particular website will not help the cause.

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    Record removing companies

    There are some record removing companies, which can eliminate your personal information from the internet by charging you a fee. These companies are not that effective but they may help if you are facing a serious issue.

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    Privacy settings

    Millions of people use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. It is important that you have proper privacy settings and do not share sensitive information on social media.

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