Top 10 Internet Security Threats 2012

Internet is a great source of information and a means of communication. It provides individuals as well as organisations with a lot of ease and facilitates them in many ways. However, there are people with ill intentions who use internet to cause damages of various kinds. 2012 saw some real threats on the internet that affected people in many ways.


  • 1

    Cell Phone Attacks

    The computers have been under attack since the arrival of the internet. Now the attacks are moving towards the cell phones which can cause loss of important personal data and even identity theft.

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  • 2

    Embedded Hardware

    There are many devices with embedded hardware which have specified functions. Attacks on these were also on the rise in 2012 and the risk of theft of important information is quite real still.

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  • 3


    There are umpteenth numbers of financial transactions taking over the internet everyday in encrypted mode. These are under the attack from the hackers, since getting their hands on such information can bring about a lot of money.

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  • 4

    Alternate Break in Points

    Since the systems currently in use are getting better, the hackers now seek new ways of getting into the system to exploit information. Such routes if successfully attacked may be hard to close soon enough.

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  • 5

    Slower Legislation Process

    This is an indirect threat; the laws are being enacted but not fast enough. They are thus providing the hackers with more time to mess around.

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  • 6

    Fake Certificates

    An upsurge in fake safety certificates online is making life harder for the common users as they can be tricked into believing they are entering a secured area of the website.

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  • 7

    Cross Border Cyber Attacks

    Many hackers from different countries made several tit for tat attacks at each other in 2012 just to settle the score.

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  • 8


    Activists and hackers joining hand is a new phenomenon and is not good for several industries. Issues related with hacktivism were on the rise in 2012.

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  • 9


    Spam continues to remain online in various shapes and forms and 2012 saw some interesting new ways of spam ending up in emails.

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  • 10

    Increased Industrial Attacks

    Many hackers are now targeting the big fishes and industries not ready for such attacks are becoming more and more vulnerable.

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