How to Speed Up Your Dial-Up Connection

Today’s age is the age of internet. Most people spend at least 2-3 hours a day on internet. You can use a different connection provided by your ISP: dial-up, ISDN or DSL connection, satellite or cable high-speed broadband connection. But, regardless of the connection, sometimes you feel that your Internet is too slow, for example, when video chatting with a friend or watching your favourite videos on YouTube. The speed mostly depends on the type of the medium or modem used for internet connection.

Nowadays, there are different internet connections (Wifi, LAN, Data Connection, DSL etc) available in the market which promise to fulfil user requirements. Though these connections facilitate the users when it comes to surfing swiftness, but they can cost you big time.

If you are using a dial up connection, you may have encountered problem with the speed limits. This is especially frustrating when you need to submit anything urgently. So, if you want to avoid investing too much on your internet connection, you should start thinking of ways to improve your dial up connection internet speed.

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– Auslogics BoostSpeed


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    Try to use top quality wire that connects the modem with your computer or laptop. There are a lot of connection wires available in the market for telephone line connection. It is highly recommended to check the ends of the wire.

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    You can use software - Auslogics BoostSpeed. This program allows you to analyze your Internet connection and provides various options in modem settings to optimize the speed of your connection.

    Install the program. Launch it and click the "View" menu - "Tools".

    In the window that opens, select "Automatic acceleration of the Internet." Now set the value of your connection (this value can be obtained from the provider) in the tab "Specify the speed of your Internet connection".

    Click on "Analysis" tab. You will see a summary table of parameters that optimize the program. If some of the values ​​in this table, in your opinion, should not be optimized - deselect the checkbox to these values. After making the selection, click "Optimize."

    After conducting a comprehensive optimization, the software will display a full report about the changes made. However, you have to restart your system, should you want to confirm the program changes. Once connected to the Internet, open a web browser and evaluate changes in the operation of the modem.

    If you are satisfied, then re-open the program and click the "Settings" - "Back up changes." This action will save all your settings.

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    You can use dial up acceleration which is comprised of compression technology, software that break down larger files into smaller packets, and proxy server, which can handle compression work for you.

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