How to Add Flavor to Your Water Naturally

Water is ‘the’ most essential constituent of our bodies and daily intake. There are many advantages of water;

– It energizes the body
– Reduces hunger and cravings
– Keeps the skin healthy
– Regulates the digestive system
– Detoxifies the body
– It transport the nutrient inside the body and so on.

It is impossible to survive without water and it is normally recommended to consume about 8-10 glasses of it per day. The bottom line is that water is to life as soul is to body. However, sometimes, the taste of water can become boring and stale. That is the moment, when people start looking for alternatives, which normally come in the form of artificial juices and sweeteners, energy drinks, frizzy drinks and in some cases beer (the primary reason being that this beverage is more expensive than a water bottle in most of the countries). Most of these alternatives, if not all, are laced with calories and harmful chemicals and also don’t have the desired effect as far as quenching the thirst is concerned (temporary action).

It is therefore imperative to stick to natural options when it comes to adding flavour to water. And, it is not that there are only a limited number of options available. There can be numerous ways through which water can be flavoured naturally, and some of the most famous ones have been discussed in this article.


  • 1

    Frozen Berries

    Berries have an exotic taste which can really add some punch to the water flavour. While using any type of berry, it is recommended that you freeze them first and then add them to a pitcher or bottle of water. Put the water container in the fridge (or at normal room temperature) and allow the berries to melt completely. Now shake the bottle and sip the wonderfully flavoured water.

  • 2

    Fresh Fruits

    Cut them into pieces and allow them to sit inside the water for at least four hours so that all the flavour is extracted.

  • 3


    Depending on the type of vegetable, you can either cut it into pieces and marinate the water or extract the juices and add it to water.

  • 4


    In this case it is better to grind/crush them and then add their extracts to the water.

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