Slow Cook Beef Bourguignon Recipe

Do you want to try something different for today’s dinner?

If yes, try the Slow Cook Beef Bourguignon Recipe, which although takes a lot of time to cook, but gives great pleasure when consumed.  The cooking process takes about 6 hours. However, you will not have to sit in the kitchen all the rime. In fact, once the cooking process starts, you can return after around 6 hours. Yet, you should make sure that you have set the heat really low.

Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 6 hours
Total time: 6 hours 20 minutes
Serving Size: 8 Persons


Calories: 296.5
Fat: 11.3 g
Cholesterol: 87.8 mg


– 1/4 cup all-purpose flour
– 1 teaspoon salt
– 1 teaspoon ground black pepper
– 2 lbs cubed stew meat
– 4 tablespoons butter
– 1 onion, chopped
– 1 red pepper, diced
– 3 garlic cloves, minced
– 1 lb button mushroom, cleaned and left whole
– 1 lb white pearl onion, peeled
– 4 carrots, peeled and sliced into 1/2 inch pieces
– 1 cup red wine
– 1 bay leaf
– 3 tablespoons fresh parsley, chopped
– 1 teaspoon dried thyme


  • 1

    Take a small bowl and mix together salt, flour and ground black pepper. Use this mixture to coat the beef pieces.

  • 2

    Now put butter in a cast iron pot and place it over medium flame. Allow the butter to melt well. Now add the meat pieces to the pot and fry them for some time, until they turn brown from all the sides.

    Add in onion, red pepper, garlic, carrots and mushrooms and mix well. Fry the mixture for around 10 minutes, or check if the onions are tender. Make sure you do not cook the onions completely.

  • 3

    Add in wine, thyme, bay leaf and parsley and mix. Transfer the whole mixture to a crock pot. Stir the mixture once and cover it with a lid. Place it over low heat and cook for around 6 to 7 hours.

  • 4

    Remove it from the heat and use parsley and crumbled bacon for garnishing purpose. Now you can serve it, along with crusty French bread, in front of your loved ones.

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