How To Add Notification Sound Files to Your EVO 4G

Notifications sounds are extremely important, no matter which device you use. You receive plenty of notifications every day and, without sounds, it becomes very hard to stay informed. A lot of people deliberately turn sounds off, but it is not recommended.

Every device, including EVO 4G, comes up with limited amount of notification sounds. It is a fact that the built-in sounds are not much in quantity. But there is hardly any need of being worried over this issue. If your EVO device does not have sufficient amount of notification sounds, you can easily add more.

In another case, some people don’t like built-in sounds, because they find them too typical. So, they can also enjoy the option of adding sounds, and make their life more pleasant. EVO 4G device has Android operating system that uses a standard method of adding ringtones.

One can easily use the tones of his own choice as a notification for text messages, emails and alarms. Adding sounds to your EVO device is a very simple procedure.


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    First of all, make sure that the tones you want to add to your device are available in the computer. There are many ways to get ringtones. You can either buy a CD, or download them from internet. The cellular companies also offer different ringtones these days.

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    Connect the EVO to your computer through USB cord, which comes with the device. Choose the connection type as ‘Disk Drive’. Go to ‘My Computer’ and open your SD card, where you will find a folder named as ‘Notifications’. If there is no folder of such kind, create one by yourself by using the right-click menu.

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    Copy ringtones from your computer, and paste them in the folder. Once the copying is completed, you can change the connection type to ‘Charge Only’. You can now disconnect your device from the computer.

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    The new rings will be shown in the directory. Go to the ‘Sound Settings’ in your phone, and set the ringtones, which you have just transferred. You can set any tone as your notification sound. Go to your SD, and play the sound. Push the menu button, and select the option to add as a ringtone.

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    You can also get tones either by using downloading or Bluetooth. But for this, you need a file manager to move files from ‘Downloads’ to ‘Notifications’ folder.

    Apps such as ‘Android Assistant’, ES File Explorer, and Astro File Manager’ can help you in this regard. Use Play Store to download these applications.

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