How to Address Envelopes With C/O

If you are going to send a mail to a person who does not want to receive it at his primary mailing address, then you will have to send it to the address which he asks you to use. However, you will have to mention another line in the address, using “In Care Of”, commonly written as an abbreviation, “C/O”.  If the addressee is living with any of his relatives, then you will have to mention the relative’s name, right after C/O. On the other hand, if the addressee wants the mail to be sent to his office, or any hotel, then you will mention the name of office or hotel against C/O.


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    When writing down address on an envelope, you should always try to use permanent black ink, as it makes it easier for the postman to read the address, even if the envelope gets wet. Moreover, you should also try to write the letters in big size, so that the address can easily be read, even if the letter is held around 3 feet away.

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    The delivery address should start near the centre of the front of the envelope. You can start at around 1-inch to the left and above of the centre point. In the first line, you should mention the name of the addressee. Here, you should try to add Mr., Mrs., Dr. or any other honorary title, before the name.

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    In the second line, you will have to mention the name of the person, or company, whom address will be used for this mail. Write C/O followed by the name of the business, entity or the person, who is primary resident of the address that you are going to mention for your mail.

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    The third line should include the street number and street name. In the last line, you will have to include City and abbreviation for the state, followed by the zip code for the area. If you do not know the zip code, then you can search for it online.

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    After you are done with writing down the mailing address, you can enter your own address, the return address, at the top-left corner of the front of the envelope. Here, the process will be the same, if you want the return address to be different than your own mailing address.

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