Difference Between Technician and Technologist

There are a huge number of people who think that technician and technologist are the terms that can be used interchangeably or are two different names of the same term. However, with a close evaluation, you can easily reach to the conclusion that both of these terms are different from each other in many aspects and the most prominent aspect is the education level that greatly differs for both technician and technologist. If you want to know the major differences between technician and technologist then take help from this post which will enable you differentiate both terms easily.


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    A technologist places a much greater role as compared to a technician because he is the one who understands different technologies and also creates many innovations in the existing technologies to take it to next level.

    On the other hand, a technician is a person who learns the practical use and understanding of a technology. He knows the practical implications of a technology in a certain field but usually does not know different technologies and it makes his role limited one.

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    A technologist is the one who has a complete understanding of technology because he has higher level of qualification in the relevant field and he also has the expertise to work on various technologies at the same time. He usually completes his education by acquiring a higher level of engineering degree.

    On the contrary, a technician usually works under the supervision of a technologist. He learns the tricks of the trade from the technologist in order to produce maximum productivity from an existing technology. He does not need to be a highly qualified person and usually technicians take relevant diplomas or complete technical courses for operating a certain technology.

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    A technologist has a greater level of understanding about various technologies and he keeps on creating new technologies in order to keep up with the changing conditions of the modern age.

    While a technician does not create new technologies and his major role is to use the existing technology for creating productivity.

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    A technologist has greater level of responsibility in any organisation as he always work on the innovative aspect of technologies that help in creating new technologies.

    On the other hand, a technician always works on a given task and his primary responsibilities are to use the existing technologies in a way that brings desired results.

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