How to Advertise on the Radio

Mostly it is believed that colour TV channels have made radio an obsolete medium of communication and information. Though, it is quite right but still there is a huge group of people that likes to listen to the radio. There are many factors involved as you cannot watch TV while driving the car, camping in the forest or working in the fields.

On the other hand, radio is a medium that keeps people updated all the time. That is why, it is still considered as an effective tool to advertise your business and target the local market. However, you will have to follow some directions to make the best out of this effort.


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    Know your product:

    First of all, you should know what you are selling. Understanding the product helps you to determine your market and potential customers that you will ultimately be able to lock their attention to the radio in a more effective manner.

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    Determine your target audience:

    Next, you should determine your target audience. You do not want to attract older people if your advertisement is about some children's product. That is why you should do some research and know your potential customers. This will really help you in planning a competitive marketing strategy.

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    Write an attractive ad:

    Now, when you have done all of your homework, it is time to polish up your idea and transform it into words. You must remember that you won’t have the edge of being able to use visuals so your copy must be strong and interesting enough to hold the listeners. Use interesting and engaging language to make your ad noticeable otherwise it will be a futile exercise.

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    Contact local radio station:

    Your next step will be to contact the local radio station and ask the management to arrange a meeting with the sales department. Meeting with the sales manager will enable you to get different packages. Moreover, they will give you the information about the duration and frequency allowed for your ad.

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    Purchase the airtime:

    Ask the radio station to provide you with information about the listeners. Try to find out what type of people listen to their transmission during your desired time slot. Adjust your slot according to your target audience. Get information about the rates and then purchase the air time according to your budget and requirements.

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    Listen to your commercial:

    Last but not the least, you will have to listen to your ad to ensure that the message has been conveyed effectively.

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