How to Airwalk on In-Line Skates

Many believe that walking on air is something that human can’t do. It’s something supernatural. However, you should ask yourself. Is it possible to walk on air? The air walk is known as the walk which you do right between the two buildings which are connected through an aerial corridor. Since they are high above the ground, many believe that it is like an air walk. However, it is not easy and it is something that is extremely difficult. Therefore, if you are planning to do an air walk with skates, it is not going to be easy.


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    Now since you know what air walk is; skating while air walking is something which is extremely difficult. You think you can pull it off? It might look easy but it is not. People do it in cold rainy weather and then there are people who like to experiment through wearing skates.

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    Now you should start off by wearing the skates that you think will be suitable enough. It is going to be really scary, but you will still be able to do things that you once thought were really difficult. First try by air walking, and then try in-skating.

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    Once you are done with wearing the skates that you wanted to wear, make sure that they are tight enough. Later, start off by giving a push to yourself and make sure that you are going straight in line. You should make sure that you are straight because if you try to move even a little, you will fall down and lose your life. So basically, you are playing with your life when you are doing this trick.

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    Always make sure that your knees are bent. This will help you remain stable. If your knees are not bent and you are not crouching down, things might become uneasy for you. You won’t be stable enough and you will have a chance of falling down yet again.

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    Once you are done with moving from one building to the other, you will get rid of the little trauma that you once had. You will be good enough to move and experiment on the corridor connecting the two buildings. So basically, you can now take a jump, move 180 degrees and even 360 degrees.

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    There are people who like to roll backwards as well. So always try new things in order to show everyone what you are capable of doing.

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