How To Open a Can with a Electric Can Opener

There are basically two types of can openers. There is an electric can opener, which is more commonly found in homes nowadays, while the other is the manual one which requires a little more practice to prefect. Using an electric can opener is pretty simple, but not knowing how could make it a daunting task for anyone.

When it comes to a quick meal, there is nothing like canned food, which are most of the time ready to consume right away. From dishes like pasta all the way to meat, everything is available in a can.


  • 1

    Powering the Electric Can Opener

    First of all, you have to switch on the electric can opener by plugging the wire into an electrical socket. Make sure to test whether it is working or not by holding down the handle and hearing the motor run.

  • 2

    Lifting the Lever

    In order to place the can properly under the electric can opener, you have to lift the lever up. This will have the cutting wheel suspended in midair, allowing you to place it directly on top of the can. Press it hard so that the wheel goes into the can.

  • 3

    Push Down The Lever

    After the wheel is in place on the top of the can lid, push down the lever so that the wheel begins cutting into the can. The lid will start to open gradually.

  • 4

    Circular Motion

    It is essential that you move the can in a circular motion gradually to assist the cutting process.

  • 5

    Remove Can

    After the lid is totally cut, it will be held on to the electric can opener by a magnet. You can now pour out the contents of the can into a bowl or a plate.

  • 6

    Take off the Lid and Clean

    It is now important to take off the lid from the can opener and properly dispose of it. It is also important to clean any areas of the electric can opener which may have been affected by the can contents.

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