How to Use an AutoBuster Lockout Tool

If you are one of those people who often lose their car keys , you will have to use a lockout tool in order to open the car door. There are number of lockout tools available in the market, one of the best is the AutoBuster lockout tool. An AutoBuster lockout tool is relatively difficult to use because of its complex design. For this reason, one must know the proper way of using the tool so that the car door can be opened without getting into further problems.

Things Required:

– AutoBuster Lockout Tool
– Locksmith Wedge


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    The AutoBuster lockout tool may damage your vehicle’s door and window. To prevent this from happening, it is a good idea to remove the rubber strips which stop water from leaking into the vehicle. This can be accomplished by peeling away them away carefully. Even though it is considered unnecessary by some people, removing the rubber strips is a good idea as it makes room for the lockout tool.

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    Slowly insert the unlocking end of the AutoBuster tool between the vehicle’s locked door and window. Handle of the tool should be facing towards the sky when you insert it. Push the lockout tool to a point beyond the manual lock button towards the engine of the vehicle. This will prevent the tool from getting trapped in the linkages in the door. Remember to take your time and be patient to place the tool in just the right place.

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    When the door is locked, windows of some vehicles are held extremely tight to the door. If that is the case with your vehicle, you will need to insert a locksmith wedge. The wedge will slightly push the window glass backwards, thus creating enough gap for inserting the AutoBuster tool into the vehicle’s locked door.

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    Push down the tool as far as it will go. Upon reaching that point, stop putting further pressure on the AutoBuster tool to make sure that it does not get underneath the bottom of the window. Carefully rotate the tool until its end is perpendicular to the door and then slightly lift up the AutoBuster tool.

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    Use the lockout tool’s end in order to unlock the door by pressing the button keeping the door of your vehicle locked. For older car models, you will need to lift it straight up using the tool’s end.

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