How to Wire a Satellite Dish

If you recently bought or leased a satellite dish, you will want to know the right way of wiring it. Fortunately, it is not a very complex task and requires only basic electrical skills and knowledge. One of the major benefits of wiring a satellite dish yourself is that you can save a hefty installation fee that you will otherwise have to pay a professional.

Things Required:

– RG-6 coaxial cables, up to 150 feet in length
– Power drill


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    Determine the exact location where you will have to install the satellite dish by talking to the satellite provider. The south side of your house is the usual place satellite dishes are installed. However, you may have to install the satellite dish at a different spot because of trees and buildings that might be surrounding your house.

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    Plan where you will position the TV in your home to make the wiring process simpler.

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    Run RG-6 coaxial cables, all the way from the location of the satellite dish on your rooftop to the planned position of your TV. Remember that you will have to run multiple cables if you plan to use more than one TV because satellite dish cables cannot be partitioned using splitters.

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    For an already finished home, drill holes through the rooftop and run RG-6 coaxial cables along the top of the wall. Paint over cables or hide them behind furniture instead of tearing apart the wall and then refinishing it.

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    Find a central spot for all the satellite dish cables and install a 110-volt power outlet at that spot. Do not worry if telephone cables are running in proximity to the satellite dish cables since all of them will be running to the dish.

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    When all the satellite dish wires have been setup, you can contact the desired satellite television provider and place an order for the dish to be activated. A representative from the satellite television provider will also make the necessary connection and ensure that everything has been setup in the proper manner. However, you might have to pay an extra charge if you want the wiring to be tested.

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